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Thursday, August 7, 2008

....my !ndUstR!AL tRa!ninG.....

I've completed my !ndustR!aL training at Geomatica College of Technology,
Set!awAngsA....there so much thing I've learned especially in my course. There, I have ran my responsibility as a admin assistant for the college, assistant (PA) to the Head Of Akademik, Mdm Nazirah Mohaizi and to be an assistant of secretary for Malaysia (Bumiputera) BEaUTY & SPA Association, MaBeSPA. bEs!dE that, I also assist on student recruitment for marketing department, from this task...i could learnt how to attract people involve..for me...how much work or tasks that I have to complete in my industrial training on there...iI fell so lucky because I have learnt so much thing on there..it's meant so much to me...from there, i could discipline my self on doing the task given..in office...and I also could prepare myself become a perfect secretary soon...INSYA-ALLAH....w!sh mE LUck in my whOle l!fE...AMI!!!Nnnnn...

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